#52: 869L Aquatic Garden Discus Heaven

Steve Dennis Carmel, United States


Stunning overall presentation but the aquascape is a little overgrown. The Cabomba looks like it is struggling a little for light down below. Open things up a little and let some light in!
— Karen
Nice and healthy tank. The plants look to be in good condition. I'd suggest replacing the Cabomba in the back with another taller growing plant such as giant hygrophila. I'd also move the Echinodorus apart to the front right next to the driftwood and allowing the S. subulata to grow into that region. I like the style tank though.
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 152 × 76 × 81 cm
Title Discus Heaven
Volume 869L
Background Painted black
Lighting Five 96 watt compact fluorescent bulbs. Three are 6500K and two are 5000K
Filtration Gravity fed to 55 gallon sump through 100 micron filter bag.
Fluidized sand bed biological filtration
Periodic UV sterilization.
Plants 1. Sagittaria subulata
2. Echinodorus rubin
3. Anubias barteri v. nana
4. Cryptocoryne wendtii
5. Hydrocotyle leucocephala
6. Bacopa caroliniana
7. Crytocoryne crispatula v. balansae
8. Echinodorus apart
9. Cabomba
Materials Two large and branching pieces of driftwood
Additional Information Acrylic custom hex tank design was done by Tenji (http://www.tenji.com) - Living Systems Coordination. I use CO2 fertilization, maintain a PH around 7.0 and add Flourish Iron once a week and Flourish twice a week. I test for Potassium once a week and Nitrates and Phosphates 3 times a week and add KNO3/ KH2PO4 and K2SO4 as needed. I do a 60 gallon water change once a week. The system has been up for a year now and I am pruning nearly a 'bucket' every week.

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