#67: 151L Aquatic Garden Overgrown Sand Dunes

Diana Berberich Newburgh, United States

Awards and Comments

Honorable Mention
Another tank with too much emphasis on too many species of red plants. Also there are many species of fast growing stem plants cut very short for use in the mid-ground of the tank. This makes for LOTS of tedious maintenance. Still the plant growth is excellent with deep dark colors and compact growth. Compare the E. stellata in this tank to some in other tanks. This is what the growth tips should look like when the plant is growing well.
— Karen
Wow! You are a Master of Red Plants. Beautiful layout and layering.
— George
What beautiful discus in this aquatic garden - appropriate colors for a planted tank. You have some beautiful red plants in this tank that are healthy. I'd suggest that you allow the foreground to grow in some more and prune some of the taller plants. Also moving the val to a back corner will make a greater impact for the grouping of tall grass-like plants. Nicely done.
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 91 × 46 × 43 cm
Title Overgrown Sand Dunes
Volume 151L
Background Blue plastic sheet
Lighting 4 florescent tubes, 25 watts each
Filtration Fluval 303
Plants shoe lace val, Echino. "Oriental", Echino. "Rubin," Zenkeri lotus, Ludwiga repens, Lysimachia nummularia "auria," Black Brush Algea (on rock), Hotonia palustris, Echino. tennellus, Echino. bolivianus, Marcilia, Glossostigma, Potomgeten gayi,Ludwiga glandulosa? (deep red), Ammania gracilis?, Rotala macaranda, Eustarelis stellata, Echino. "compacta"
Animals 2 Discus, 1 Farlowella, 6 Rummy Nose, 10 Cardinal tetras, 3 dwarf Rainbows, 10 Ottocinclus, 8 Pygmy Cories, 1 Ram, Snails
Materials Soil, Rocks, gravel, pebble, sand for dunes or burms
Additional Information Root tabs for fertilizers, Seachem products for water column fertilization,

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