#81: 113L Aquatic Garden Rock Barrier

Luis Navarro Houston, United States

Awards and Comments

Honorable Mention
Vibrant but lacking in definition. I don't care for the white substrate. It particularly clashes with the nice rock work. I love the shot up from the bottom with the harlequins "flying" above. Very creative!
— Karen
Nice overall composition but the vertical plants kept moving my eyes away from more interesting areas.
— George
Outstanding tank! I really love the use of the rocks and Marsilea in combination. Very nice effect. I wish I could see a little more of the Barclaya on the right side. Very nice tank!
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 51 × 46 × 51 cm
Title Rock Barrier
Volume 113L
Background blue
Lighting 2 - 96W Coralife fixtures
Filtration 2213 Eheim
Plants Marsilea augustifolia, Ammannia gracilis, Barclaya longifolia "Red", Cryptocoryne wendtii "Brown", Echinodorus tenellus, Echinodorus sp., Hygrophila difformis, H. corymbosa, Eusteralis stellata, Eleocharis montevidensis, Vallisneria natans
Materials Black petrified wood, carat #4

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