#154: 147L Aquatic Garden El Paso

Luis Navarro Houston, United States


This tank has a very clean design with a good balance of open space and planted areas. The driftwood "bridge" is a good visual effect that adds to the composition.
— Ricky Cain
Solid design and good use of the bowed wood. The E. tenellus works very well as a lawn in this tank. It looks as though the aquarist trimmed the plants too heavily prior to photographing the aquascape. Next to the lush lawn the vertical plants look too thin and even at the tops. Given some more time to grow in this could be an outstanding aquarium.
— Phil Edwards
This is certainly an eye-catching tank both in terms of your plants and fish. However P. denisoni really get too big for a tank of this size eventually. Your "lawn is dense lush and wonderfully maintained and I like the placement of your driftwood. The placement of some of the other plants however is a little random.
— Karen Randall
The selection and placement of driftwood was good. Both left and right background should be filled with plants. Then impression of driftwood arch becomes more.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 76 × 3 × 3 cm
Title El Paso
Volume 147L
Background none
Lighting 110 watts power compact 6700K
Filtration Eheim 2213
Plants Echinodorus tenellus,
Anubias bareri var. nana,
Cypherus helferi,
Eleocharis montevidensis,
Limnophilia aromaticoides,
Rotala nanjanshean,
Lotus spp.,
Hottonia palustris,
Crinum spp.,
Physostegia purpurea
Animals Puntius densonni
Cardina japonica
Additional Information This Planted aquarium is a tribute to a wonderful nation and to the beautiful state of Texas.

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