#55: 150L Aquatic Garden my cardinals garden

Baruch Mor givataim, Israel


This is a bright well growing aquarium. No doubt the aquarist gets enjoyment watching the plants pearling and the fish swimming around. Good choice of fish to go with the brightness of the plants. The vivid reds and blues of the Cardinals works well. The aquascape is fairly cluttered and disorganized. One of the hardest things in this hobby is keeping a limit on the number of plants in an aquarium. There's always room for "just one more". Cutting back on the number of species will give the aquascape more definition. Removing the equipment prior to photographing would help give a better presentation.
— Phil Edwards
Nice bright healthy tank but a bit chaotic. Try to hide equipment if you can't get it out of the tank for the photo shoot.
— Karen Randall
Use of Soft image plants was effective. The driftwood in the center should be placed on left side.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 82 × 42 × 45 cm
Title my cardinals garden
Volume 150L
Background black palstic on the outside of the tank
Lighting 2*39w T5 + 3*18w T8
Filtration ehaim 440l/h
Additional Information home made fert's
25w heating cable
lilypipe on the filter inlet

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