#43: 151L Aquatic Garden Red is My Favorite Color

Lori Ziemba San Francisco, United States


This tank feels like christmas with all the deep greens and bright reds. I like how you've given the angels plenty of room to move about in. The side effect of that is a wall of plants rather than a nice slope.
— Phil Edwards
Pleasant tank but the water hyacinth makes the surface look messy and the Alternanthera looks like it is struggling with this light level. Blue gouramis can be nippy with long-finned fish like angels and rainbows need considerably different water conditions.
— Karen Randall
Stemmed plants in the middle ground destroy the total impression. It could have looked better if those stemmed plants were planted together in the background.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 91 × 38 × 41 cm
Title Red is My Favorite Color
Volume 151L
Background none
Lighting west window plus 55W CF
Filtration Lee's bubble-up corner filter with floss, coral sand and power head.
Plants Alternanthera reineckii,
Bacopa monnieri,
Didiplis diandra,
Eichhornia azurea,
Eleocharis acicularis,
Eleocharis (giant hairgrass),
Lemna minor,
Microsorum pteropus "windelov",
Vesicularia dubyana,
Animals Aphyocharax anisitsi,
Aphyocharax rathbuni,
Corydoras adolphoi,
Corydoras arcuatus,
Corydoras aeneus,
Danio rerio,
Hemigrammus erythozonus,
Melanotaenia praecox X Glossolepis incisus,
Otocinclus affinis,
Parambassis ranga,
Pterophyllum scalare (koi),
Puntius titteya,
Trichogaster trichopterus

Materials Plastic driftwood
Additional Information Coarse sand over peat moss substrate. Tank is in a west window and receives light all day, some sun in late afternoon. DIY CO2. 15 ml of Tropica Master Grow/ week. GH=10 pH=7.2 KH=6

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