#5: 76L Paludarium Work in Progress

Karli Morse Middleboro, United States


I am sure your tank is a happy home for your little day gecko. However there is no cohesive design to the arrangement of your materials. Also when entering a contest it is important to display your tank in the best light possible that means making sure that the water section is clean the water is clear and the clutter of equipment is kept hidden or to a bare minimum.
— Karen Randall
A very worthwhile work in progress not simply just a work in progress. Given better lighting and some time to grow in and cover the hardware this could be a very attractive paludarium. I like the idea of the dual waterfall unfortunately it doesn't come through well in the photos. Also well done in keeping the terrestrial species appropriately far from the water.
— Phil Edwards
It looked too disordered. Above water plants has grown too much.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 51 × 25 × 61 cm
Title Work in Progress
Volume 76L
Lighting 1 reptisun 5.0 bulb , 1 halogen basking light,1 15 watt desk lamp
Filtration I use a small submersible filter.
Plants On the upper shelves I used spider plants, pothos,ivy, fittonia, pink splash, moss, and a tropical australian bonsai tree.

In the water I used anubias, assorted cryptocoryne, java fern, bacopa, duckweed, elodea, and a peace lilly
Animals 1 female phelsuma lineata lineata
1 otocinclus
1 ghost shrimp
Materials On all four shelves I used potting soil and planted the plants directly into the substrate. I covered them with sphagnum moss to hide the edges.I placed manzanita branches in different areas for the day gecko to bask and for asthetic appeal. I used a 1 1/2 in. piece of pvc pipe covered with coconut bark glued to the back of the tank to hide wires from the filter, pump, and heater in the bottom portion. The gecko uses this as a hideaway.

In the bottom I placed a piece of driftwood vertically to help support the lowest and biggest shelf. I used 1-2 in. of potting soil and 1 1/2 in. of gravel as the substrate.
Additional Information There are 2 water falls in the paludarium powered by a small submersible pump. One is located on the lowest shelf and is a sort of 'stream'. The other is located on the next highest shelf and just drops into the water below. These are both covered with aquarium gravel.

I have discovered after having it set up for a couple months that the peace lilly was not a good choice. I am going to replace it with a sword plant. I also plan on adding pennywort in hopes of hiding the tubing to the higher waterfall.
Also on that shelf I plan to add babies tears to cascade to the water.

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