#65: 22L Paludarium Desktop Forest

Arthur Mak Hong Kong, China


Attractive little tank but I don't think you submersed area is getting enough light.
— Karen Randall
Great looking emersed section! The foliage is arranged well and is pleasantly full without overpowering the aquatic portion The submersed section looks newly planted and underlit. Even the low light Cryptocoryne and Anubias will have trouble unless given special lighting. If there is some it would have been better to use it for the photography.
That unknown climbing plant looks to be a Tradescantia and should do very well where it is. Watch out though it may try to take over your desk. With the exception of the Colocasia the emersed species need a much drier environment for their roots than they've been given. Without exception the tank and desk area are too small to support both their vegitative growth and root system expansion.
— Phil Edwards
Above water arrangement was excellent but the underwater does not look good as above water.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 39 × 23 × 24 cm
Title Desktop Forest
Volume 22L
Background Foam (black in colour)
Lighting 20w T4 flouscent lamp
Filtration hang-over filter
Plants Most of the plant above water surface are collected from the natural environmental, and their name is unknown.
Animals 2 x Salamander,
a pair of guppy
Materials I fix the driftwood which is just at the interface of water and air by tidying it on the background board. And I have drill a 2" x 1/2" hole on the driftwood and place some soil inside to plant a little plant on it.
The rocks placed in water is picked from a natural river.
Additional Information I take those photos before putting in a pair of guppy. So that you cannot see any fish inside the tank.

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