#57: 110L Aquatic Garden 29 gallon Shrimp tank

Deborah Slack Henderson, United States


I can see how your shrimp would be very happy in this aquarium. The large amount of thin leaved plants provides a lot of cover for them. The aquascape could use more focus though. The variety of plants creates a very chaotic feeling. You should be proud though there are some difficult to grow species doing very well in there!
— Phil Edwards
You have a typical "gardener's" problem... you like too many interesting plants! (a problem I recognise as I suffer rom it myself) As much fun as plant collecting is it can be hard to aquascape this way. The tank is obviously healthy a good home for your shrimp but a bit of a hodgepoge when it comes to design.
— Karen Randall
The foreground is not filled with the plants. Use of stemmed plants in the foreground is not good.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 76 × 30 × 46 cm
Title 29 gallon Shrimp tank
Volume 110L
Background Just black trash bag plastic over cardboard
Lighting Aqualight 2 x 65 Watts - 10 K and 6700 K and one Mini Aqualight 2 x 9 watts, 6700 K
Filtration Aquaclear 300 with sponge over intake to keep shrimp out of filter
Plants Pogostemon Helferi, Eriocaulon Setaceum, Tonina Fluivatilis, Tonina Species, Pelia, Rotala Macranda, Esteralis Stellata, Polygonum Species, Ludwigia Glandulosa, Ludwigia Inclinata Var. Cuba, Mermaid weed, Dipidis Diandre, Ludwigia Repens Broad leaf
Animals Crystal Red Bee Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp (Malaysian Trumpet Snails, Ramshorn snails, Pond snails as well)
Materials Eco Complete, Estes Marine sand (black), some small lava rocks, cave decoration (covered in Pelia)
Additional Information DIY CO2 with two Hagen ladders, I use Kent Botanica grow for the plants and Calcium Carbonate and iodide for the shrimp -- no ferts with copper.

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