#124: 1650L Aquatic Garden Discus Jungle

Scott Davidson Phoenix, United States


You have an excellent start to an outstanding display. Your fore-midground structure is excellent. I would like to see some taller plants in the back to fill out some of that empty space and cover the built-in return(s). (can't tell if it's 3 or one with reflections!)
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 127 × 91 × 61 cm
Title Discus Jungle
Volume 1650L
Background Painted Black
Lighting 2 96 watt PC: 1-10,000K, 1-6500K
1 65 watt PC: 6,500K
1 32 watt PC: 10,000K
Filtration Mechanical filtration
Flourite Substrate
Compressed CO2 fertilization
Plants Bolbitis, Christmas Moss, Annubias, Kleinar Bar Sword, Echinodorus tennulus, Hair grass, Gymnocorinis,
Animals 6 San Merah Discus, 24 Rummy Nose Tetra, 1 German Blue Ram, 4 Sidthimunki Loaches, 3 Adolfi Corydoras
Materials Mopani Driftwood, Petrified Wood
Additional Information The tank is a semi-corner bow tank. It is set up as a display in an retail store.

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