Biotope Aquascape


I was very pleased with this category this year. It is the first year that there is not a single tank that made me think "Why the heck is this tank in this category?!"

It's a tough job to try to reproduce a slice of nature and do it in a pleasing artful way at the the same time. Folks are clearly getting better at it all the time. Good job!
— Karen Randall
I think the challenge in this category is that while some biotopes are good examples of the region they represent it can be challenging to "artistcaly" display them .
— Mike Senske
First Place
Bjørn Olav Monsen
Second Place
"Rocky shore" of Lake Tanganjika
Jyrki Granath
Third Place
Upper Orinoco White Water Pool at San Fernando de Atabapo
Philip M. Chang
Puffer Stream
Steven Chong
United States
The multi tank - Lake Tanganyika Biotope
Michael Noukaris
Cross-section of a Beaver Pond
Phil Edwards
United States
Rio Orinoco: A sunny spot in a clearwater stream
Helena Isaksson

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