#31: 20L Aquatic Garden W Island

Wayne Sham Hong Kong, Hong Kong


An excellently presented aquascape with an interesting idea. The midground rocks on the right of the aquascape are too bulky and detract from an otherwise pleasant mini-aquascape.
— Carlos Sanchez
It is almost a jolt to see the wide view photo of this tank in its setting... the aquascape makes it look like a much bigger tank. Your driftwood is a little heavy for this composition and seems to pull the the aquascape off ballance slightly. However your rock work is very attractive as is your choice of plants and fish. Very nicely done!
— Karen Randall
The left corner of the aquascape needed some plants .
— Mike Senske

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 35 × 21 × 26 cm
Title W Island
Volume 20L
Lighting ADA mini solar - 27W
Filtration Hydor P10
Plants Eleocharis parvula, Willow Moss
Animals Neocaridina denticulata
Materials Decoration Sand, ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia, driftwood and SEIRYU Stone

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