#37: 5400L Aquatic Garden In the shadow of the trees

Oliver Knott 68766 Hockenheim, Germany

Awards and Comments

First PlacePopular Choice
A very impressive very large aquarium with lush plant growth and very healthy South American fish. The aquarium plants are also very well chosen and arranged. Well done!
— Carlos Sanchez
Absolutely stunning display. Incredibly lush vibrant growth in a very large deep tank. Awesome!
— Karen Randall
Well balanced . The artificial insert works remarkably well . Plant health is superb . Quite a challenge in such a large aquarium.
— Mike Senske

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 450 × 120 × 100 cm
Title In the shadow of the trees
Volume 5400L
Background Artifical background and wood
Lighting T8 and T5 tubes:10 x 39 W / 8 x 54 W / 4 x 24 W 4 x 30 W / 4 x 38 W / 4 x 58 W
Filtration Sand Filter (high pressure)
Plants Echinodorus rubin,
Echin. rubin “Narrow”,
Echin. “Red Special”,
Echinodorus martii,
Echinodours uruquayensis,
Microsorum pteropus,
Micro. pterop. « Narrow »,
Anubias bart. var. nana ,
Sagittaria subulata ,
Crypt. crisp.var. balansae,
Crypt.wendtii “Brown”,
Crypt.wendtii “Green” ,
Crypt.wendtii „Mi Oya“,
Crypt.wendtii Tropica,
Crypt. x willisii (lucens),
Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri)
Animals Otocinclus sp. „Negro“,
Chrossocheilus siamensis,
Pterophyllum altum,
Paracheirodon innesi,
Neritina natalensis (snails)
Materials River Gravel
Additional Information Fertilizer: 100 ml Tropica MasterGrow - Daily -

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