#97: 750L Aquatic Garden The promised Land

Aviel Livay Holon, Israel

Awards and Comments

Honorable Mention
Lovely job with a very long tank. You have a very nice flow from one section of the tank to another. You have used substantial groupings of each species with a nice progression of height from front to back. The tank could use a stronger focal point or perhaps two one stronger than the other to make it even better. As I mentioned on another entry in general Mollies really do better in harder even slightly brackish water. But at least in this case they are swimming normally not hugging the surface and have their fins up.
— Karen Randall
Nice tonina . A better fish selection could have helped the overall apearence .
— Mike Senske

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 250 × 50 × 60 cm
Title The promised Land
Volume 750L
Background black
Lighting 6 x 54W T5 + 6 x 36W T8 = 540W
Filtration 2 Eheim pro 2 + 1 jebo
Plants tonina belem, rotala green, ludwigia arcuata, glosostigma elantoides, didiplis diandria, eusteralis stelata, ludwigia pantanal, eusteralis wide leafs, hygrophilia sunset, ludwigia sp cuba, umbrosom
Animals Bosemani Rainbows, Cardinal tetras, SAEs, Black Mollyes, Ancistrus.
Materials black quartz 1-2 mm, drift wood & rocks.
Additional Information Chiller, automatic refill from a 220 Litter osmoza tank that fills during the week, 2 JBL CO2 diffusers

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