#126: 190L Aquatic Garden Slide in the green

Pierre Lambert Vauhallan, France


Nice tank with carefully tended plants. You have deveoped some nice diagonal lines in places but on the left side of tha tank ther are too many horizontal lines to make for a cohesive design. Your plant choices are very nice and I think you can work the groupings into better lines with some time and carefl trimming.
— Karen Randall
To be a 3 side tank I think you where able to acomplish very good depth in your design the only comment I have is that I think is a little over grown.

Next time when you enter a contest takes at list 2 pictures a week 3 week before the plants grow all the way to the top. This will allow you to have many shots to choose from.
— Luis Navarro

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 99 × 70 × 60 cm
Title Slide in the green
Volume 190L
Background black poster
Lighting 2*70w HQI 5200°K
Filtration internal decantation with in a 600l/hour pump
Plants java moss, amania senegalensis, rotala rotundifundiolas spe green, eusterallis stellata, rotala walichii, hemianthus micranthemoides, limnphilia armomatica, lobelia cardinalisis, nymphaea lotus, anubia barteri var nana, eleocharis acicularis, hemianthus callitrichoides.
Animals 8 veuves noires, 15 caridinas japonica, 3 crossoselius siamensis, 10 cardinalis, 4 tetra blue
Materials driftwood hidden in the plants
Additional Information fertilization : PMDD+KMNO3+KH2PO4
substrate : dennerle deponit mix
CO2 : tunze reactor, 0.5bubbles/sec

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