Aquatic Garden, <70L


This was a category with a lot of strong entries some stunning in their simplicity others so carefully designed in miniature hat it's hard to believe they aren't much larger tanks.
— Karen Randall
Congratulations to all the participants! personaly there was to many good entries and it was difficult to decide.
— Luis Navarro
Best of Show & 1st Place
Summer Dance
Law Kai Chun
Hong Kong
Second Place
Rise beyond the limits
Filipe Alves Oliveira
Third Place
Spring Sunrise
Lui Cheuk Lam
Hong Kong
Honorable Mention
Sunny grass land
Jordan Michael Reece
United States
Don´t vote for this tank
Jose Vicente Ruiz La Rosa
Graeme Stephen Edwards
minnow walley
Marko Petrak
Chun-Chang Chen
Robert Y.C. Lau
United States
Good Night
Hui Kam Man
Cottage hills
Lukáš Podhola
Czech Republic
Low-Tech Nano
Faruk Gencoz
Aren's Little Garden
Dustin Guillermo
United States
Save The World
Sham Kai Man
Hong Kong
Walking Aoyama
Law Kai Chun
Hong Kong
Green Morning
Kwong King Man, Harry
Hong Kong
Green Breeze in Heaven
Rubén Caro Maldonado
Jordan Michael Reece
United States
Crypto Crypto
Samuel Pulis
United States
Lovers Garden
John and Donna Feuerhelm
United States
Little World
Jeffrey Magni
United States
Growing Friendships
Cameron Spivey
United States
Fern on Wood
Paul M. Wallace
United States
The Two Towers
Chan Yuk Lun, Alan
Hong Kong
Rock Formation
Michael G.W. Wong
Hong Kong
Beyond the Tree Lines
Kam Pui Wong
Hong Kong
Majesty Valley
Chan Yuk Lun, Alan
Hong Kong
Glittery Melody
Yau Che Kiu
Hong Kong

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