#45: 140L Aquatic Garden Rocks in medow

Jordan Michael Reece Tucson, United States


This is a bright pretty tank but the stem plants have been allowed to grow into eachother in a rather shapeless mass. Try grouping them by species and then triming them to grow into thicker masses.
— Karen Randall
Cubes are difficult to aquascape but you did a great job; using fast growing stem plants and Riccia spp. The use of space is good the layout is also good. I do think the stem plants need a little more work you already have the skill to maintain this type of layout play with your trimmimng to get the best of the stem plants.
— Luis Navarro

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 61 × 46 × 53 cm
Title Rocks in medow
Volume 140L
Background Background is black silk fabrick.
Lighting Lighting is one 150 watt HQI with ADA 8,000k "green" 10 hours each day.
Filtration this tank is using a Eheim 2228 Pro 2 with ADA P-6 lilly pipe return, and custome made glass intake.
Plants Riccia, Rotala Macaranda,Glossostigma,crypto, esturalis,star grass,baby tears.
Animals Daimond tetras,Otto cinclius,and cardina shrimp
Materials Black granite rocks and Eco complete substrate with laterite as bottom layer.
Additional Information CO2 system using ADA beetle 50 5 bubbles per second. Fertilization 10cc potassium,Phospate,Nitrogen,and 5cc of iron every other day.

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