#68: 8L Aquatic Garden SHAKKEI

Graeme Stephen Edwards Barnston, England


I love this nano! the shakkei composition is I think good. Iwagumi is extremely hard not only hardscape but the maintenance reflect the skill of the designer and you are good!
— Luis Navarro
The two stones leaning against each other gives "expression" and life to the stones. It temps one to seek for a deeper metaphorical meaning. Well done!
— George Lo
What a lovely accent to your room! I like your layout and the arrangement of your rocks. It is a shame however that the stand of Rotala & Mayaca hasn't grown in a little thicker. As it is it interrupts the view of the Eleocharis in front of the rocks. A denser growth there (better yet with a darker colored plant) or no plants there at all might work better.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm
Volume 8L
Background None.
Lighting 20W halogen spot lamp delivered by the tropica light arm which is on for 6 hours a day.
Filtration AquaVital 160 Hang on filter.
First through a coarse sponge then a fine sponge then through filter wool next through carbon pads and finally through SERA Syporax Bio media.
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides ''Cuba'' .
Vesicularia dubyana.
Riccia fluitans.
Rotala sp. ''Nanjenshan'' (''Mayaca sellowiana'').
Eleocharis acicularis .
Animals None.
Materials JBL Aqua-basis 1cm layer at the base.
Normal pea Gravel 3cm layered over the top.
Hand collected rocks from the south of England.
Additional Information 50% Water changes every 3rd day with dechlorinated tap water.
10 drops of Nutrafin PlantGrow every other day.
C02 @ 1 bubble per second through a FishVet glass diffuser giving me 30ppm of Co2 during lights on.

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