#117: 36L Aquatic Garden kamikakushi

Guillermin Nicolas Poissy, France


Pretty tank not sure I love the creative lighting :-)
— Karen Randall
A very nicely done deep revene. The use and choice of plants was done well to give an aged feel.
— Tony Gomez

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm
Title kamikakushi
Volume 36L
Background white background with back light (5W)
Lighting tetra 1*13W ,11hours/day
Filtration eheim ecco 2232
Plants vesicularia sp. , lobelia cardinalis "small form",
bolbitis heudoletii , microsorum pteropus , hydrocotyle sibthorpioides , glossostigma elatinoides , anubia barteri var. nana "petite",
cryptocoryne parva
Animals 10 hyphessobrycon elachys ,3 otocinclus affinis,10 cardina japonica
Materials yamatani stone ,driftwood ,brownite
Additional Information substrat:Red bee sand + Brownite ,fertilization:BrightyK - phyton-git - green gain - green bacter - eca , (no CO2)

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