#118: 110L Aquatic Garden Blyxa Garden

Zoe Arden Stevens-Lavigne Ottawa, Canada


Black/hair algae ruins this attempt...more care needed at current standards.
— Edward Tootell
It seems that the water quality of this tank is not very good many algae are on the driftwood.
— Justin Law
You have a theme of "spiky" plants but are lacking a scape. Try working with a sloping layout. A bit more wood and some non spiky plants will help balance it out.
— Tony Gomez
Attractive tank but the Nymphaea looks out of place and appears to be struggling. The dirty back glass detracts from the presentation too.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 61 × 56 × 46 cm
Title Blyxa Garden
Volume 110L
Background Black
Lighting 65 watt PC, 6,500K, Coralife fixture
Filtration Eheim 2028 professional canister
Plants Blyxa Japonica, Red Tiger Lotus, Limnophilia Aromatica, Limnophila sessiflora, Christmas Moss
Animals Three female bettas, ten Dario dario (scarlet badis), six otocinclus catfish, one white-seam plecostomous
Materials Two pieces of malaysian driftwood, fluorite substrate
Additional Information One DIY reactor

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