#159: 217L Aquatic Garden "Puntius in harmony"

André Luiz Longarço São Paulo, Brazil

Awards and Comments

Third Place
Lovely sloping design. I love the soft tones and graceful not-to-severe shape of your trimming. Excellent technique.
— Karen Randall
I'm not sure if I like the "black sheep" rock but I love the rest. Oddly the twisted cuba makes a striking (as far as plants go) contrast to the well balanced plant groupings.
— Tony Gomez

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 107 × 45 × 45 cm
Title "Puntius in harmony"
Volume 217L
Background White glass
Lighting Arcadia T5 Plant Pro (4x39w)
Filtration Eheim canister Ecco 2234
Plants Ludwigia inclinata verticilata "cuba",
Rotala sp. green,
Rotala sp. "vietnam",
Didiplis diandra,
Hemianthus micrantemoides,
Blyxa japonica,
Micranthemum umbrosum,
Vesicularia montagnei,
Hemianthus callitrichoides "cuba".
Animals 50 Puntius oligoleps,
5 Crossocheilus siamensis.
Materials Rocks and fine gravel
Additional Information ADA Penac W, ADA Bacter 100, Tropica Plant Substrate, Tropica Plant Nutrition + liquid fertilizer after 35% water change (once a week)

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