#178: 984L Aquatic Garden My large Aquarium

Sergio Efrain Sanchez Vega Mexico, DF, Mexico


Healthy looking tank But the solid mass of Anubias needs a little more graceful shaping. The stones scattered at random on the right end of the tank look unnatural and there is too much distracting equipment showing.
— Karen Randall
The white sand are too artificial in this tank~
— Justin Law

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 175 × 75 × 75 cm
Title My large Aquarium
Volume 984L
Background Outside black plastic.
Lighting 6 HQI 150w 8000k, total 900 watts.
Filtration DIY 180lts external filter with volcanic rock.
Plants Sagittaria, Anubias, Cryptocorine, Java moss, Lotus, Cyperus and Pogostemon.
Animals Corydora,Otocinclo, Black Neon, Loach, tertas and Neocaridinas.
Materials Silice sand, driftwood and stones.
Additional Information 20 lbs pressurised CO2 a lot bubles per second, DIY inline reactor, automatic water change daily only RO water and no fertilization.

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