#189: 22L Aquatic Garden A l'oree du bois

Bonetti Pascal Meyzieu, France


Your tank has a close "grotto" like feel to it that I like. It looks "cozy". The plants are well filled in without being overgrown. Nice job!
— Karen Randall
The "classic 3 rocks" is too structured for this tank. They feel very stiff against the organic flow of the tank. I do want to point out the nicely hidden internal filter.
— Tony Gomez

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 34 × 24 × 24 cm
Title A l'oree du bois
Volume 22L
Lighting 11W compact
Filtration Filtre interne
Plants 1. Vesicularia sp "christmas tree" ; 2.Pogostemon helferi ; 3. Eleocharis acicularis ; 4. Hemianthus callitricoides "cuba".
Animals 1 Betta splendens ; 5 Neocaridina sp. "christal-red" ; 3 caridina denticulata.
Materials Racines de mopani, quartz noir

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