#204: 60L Aquatic Garden Bolbitis sunset

Daniel Larsson Linkoping, Sweden


Bright bold and attractive. I like it!
— Karen Randall
It is odd being in a position where I am not sure if I like a tank or not. It is almost fairytale-sureal. In any other tank I would have yanked out the crispatula but it oddly works here. In fact many elements feel out of place and in place at the same time. Either way thumbs up for what I'd consider a bold move.
— Tony Gomez

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 35 × 40 cm
Title Bolbitis sunset
Volume 60L
Background Blue paint
Lighting 2x24 watt T5 Philips Aquarelle
Filtration Eheim 2222 without sponges. Only Ehfimech and Ehfisubstrat Pro. Doubles as CO2-reactor
Plants B. heudelotti, E. acicularis, H. callitriciodes, C. crispatula, R. indicia, M. mattogrossense, A. reineckii, P. stellata, P. helferi, Weeping moss, Rotala nanjenshan
Animals Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, Otocinclus vittatus, Hemigrammus rodwayi
Additional Information 50% water changes each week with GH-boost (1 tsp CaCl2 and 1 tsp MgSO4) and PMDD (9 ppm NO2, 1 ppm PO4, 0.1 ppm Fe)

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