#213: 662L Aquatic Garden Serenescene

Jeffrey Senske Houston, United States

Awards and Comments

Third Place
Beautifully done!
— Karen Randall
Very good Japaneses style tank!
— Justin Law

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 180 × 60 × 60 cm
Title Serenescene
Volume 662L
Background none
Lighting 3 X 150 ADA NA-Lamp 8000K HQI, 4X 96 watt Coralife 10000K Power Compact fluorescent
Filtration 2 X Eheim Professional 3
Plants Hemianthus calltrichoides, Lilaeopsis sp.
Animals approx. 75 Rummy-nose tetra, approx 30 Cardinia japonica, approx. 20 Otocinculus catfish
Materials Substrate: 18L of ADA Power Sand Special L, ADA Tourmaline BC, 90L of ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Normal type, 18L of ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Powder type
Additional Information Fertilization: ADA Brighty K (daily), ADA Green Bacter after water change, 2 times per week.

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