#44: 12L Paludarium Nano Paludarium (my nature)

Ufuk Uçar Turkey/Bursa/Nilüfer, Turkey


While clearly a healthy tank offering a lavish home unaccustomed to the everyday betta I find the organization of plants and hardscape to be a bit too chaotic. This is coming more from the hardscape then the plants. The horizontal wood laid in the back and the huge single rock in direct opposition of the large wood feel awkward.
— Tony Gomez
Cute! Very nicely done in a very small space.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 29 × 29 × 29 cm
Title Nano Paludarium (my nature)
Volume 12L
Background Dark blue film.
Lighting 20 watt compact fluorescent, 1300 lm, 6400k- 12hrs. daily
Filtration Nonexistent.(plant)
Plants Anubias barteri var, barteri.,Eleocharis Parvula,Nephrolepis Exaltata,Medicago Sp.,Fittonia Janita.
Animals 1xBeta splendens (male)
Materials Substrate System: Stream gravel, Sera Floredepot and humus soil. Decoration :a few boiled root pieces and rock.
Additional Information Temperature: 26º Water parameters: pH 6.9 / gH 8/ kH 5 / No3: 5-10ppm/ Food: Tetra and Sera granulate (only 1x a day) Fertilization: NPK and DIY Manure every week TPA: once a week 30%

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