#45: 30L Paludarium Crawfish Tank

Yau Che Kiu Chai Wan, China


What troubles me about this tanks is that it appears to have been put together for the photo with very little "age" to it. I think the Hydrocotyle is working against you as it appears to be a floating mass of plants rather than being incorporated into the scape like the rest of your plants.
— Tony Gomez
Very pretty above the water line but I suspect any plants below the water line are very temporary decorations... Crayfish are pretty happy to munch on salad.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 46 × 41 × 33 cm
Title Crawfish Tank
Volume 30L
Lighting 15W T8 Fl. lamp x2, 10 hours per day
Filtration 300 L/H External Filter
Plants Chamaedorea elegans "Bella", Nephrolepis exaltata "Bostoniensis", Hydrocotyle vulgaris, Cratonneuron filicinum
Animals Cherax sp. "Apricot" X1.
Materials Flourite gravel bed, river rock, driftwood
Additional Information Electrostatic humidifier for rolling fog.
30% water change weekly.
No CO2 or fertilization.

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