#72: 55L Aquatic Garden a piece of wild nature

Nikolay Petrov Kolev Gabrovo, Bulgaria


This is a lovely tank and I'm sure a wonderful home for its inhabitants. The design would be stronger with a little more variation in leaf size and color.
— Karen Randall
I want to lay against that rock and read a book. A very nicely done slice of nature. Not a formal looking scape but rather very "real".
— Tony Gomez

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 62 × 30 × 30 cm
Title a piece of wild nature
Volume 55L
Background a sheet of grey cardboard
Lighting 3x18W: 2xPhilips 865 + 1xSylvania Gro-Lux 8hours daily
Filtration Sera serafill 900
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides, Micranthenum micranthemoides,Vesicularia dubyana, Eleocharis parvula
Animals 20-30 Neocaridina denticulata sinensis (red) Red Cherry Shrimp
Materials sand 3-5 mm, rocks, driftwood
Additional Information CO2 system sera

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