#78: 18L Aquatic Garden Green Wishes

Timo Wünsche Hamburg, Germany


Nice design but I think it would be better with a few less species of plant! Nice use of color in a way that the stem plants can easily be controlled in a small tank.
— Karen Randall
The fore/mid ground feels overly blended without much presence from the hard scape. I think the best part of this scape is right 50%/upper 60% of the tank. The rest does not do this portion justice.
— Tony Gomez

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm
Title Green Wishes
Volume 18L
Background blue foil
Lighting 2x11watt pl (6500 kelvin)
Filtration hang on filter (aquaclear mini 20)
Plants Heminathus callitrichoides "cuba", flamemoss, fissidens fontanus, pogostemon helferi, microsorum "narrow", freshwatertang, ulticularia graminifolia, ludwigia inclinata "cuba"
Animals about 20 red/white and black/white bees (Caridina cf. cantonensis)
Materials 1 moorkienroot
Additional Information pressured co2, fertilization with the dennerle system, ada aqua soil "amazonia" as substrate.

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