#95: 125L Aquatic Garden The Shade

George Farmer , England


Lovely tank. You have handled your empty space beautifully.
— Karen Randall
This tank is very pleasing to the eyes. It almost completely lacks a hardscape (would like to see a bit more then just the lonely exposed piece) but uses careful planting to give shape. The plant species compliment each other well. The focus however is soft at best. The tank also looks very 2D.
— Tony Gomez

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 81 × 36 × 51 cm
Title The Shade
Volume 125L
Background None
Lighting 2 x 18w T8 6500K (1wpg) - 10 hours
Filtration Juwel Compact H internal (600lph)
Plants Microsorium pteropus,
Anubias barteria var. nana,
Crpytocoryne balansae,
C. wendtii 'Green',
C. wendtii 'Brown',
C. parva,
C. amicorum,
C. diversen(?),
C. undulata
Animals Puntius pentazona (10),
Danio choprai (12),
Caradina multidentata (10)
Materials Bogwood, small rocks
Additional Information Tropica Plant Substrate and plain gravel,
Tropica Plant Nutrition+ Capsules,
Tropica Plant Nutrition+ liquid,
Pressurized CO2 system, 1/3 water change per week

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