Another incredible year has wrapped up for the AGA's annual international aquascaping contest. Much like years past, there were some stunning aquascapes, including this year's best of show, which the judges all agreed was an amazing tank. For 2009, we came close to our record for numbers of entries submitted, and had tanks representing many different countries and styles. In particular, our small and medium categories had so many excellent aquascapes, the judges had a hard time coming to a consensus on which tank they thought were the best for each category. As an added bonus, the number of entries in this year's biotope category far outnumbered this area from previous years, suggesting a renewed interest in this type of tank.

Before we open up the entries for viewing, we have to give credit where credit is due. This contest has always been dependent on the efforts of people who volunteer year after year to get the word out worldwide about the contest. As in years past, our beautiful graphics were again provided by Zoe Stevens-Lavigne for the 2009 contest. To help get word out to the numerous websites about our contest, we enlisted a group of dedicated workers: Tanya Logan, Brian Revennaugh, Larry Bugg, Brandon Dement, and lastly Efren Leonida. Thank you everyone for your hard work and we hope to be able to count on your help for next year's contest. In addition to our volunteers, I'd also like to extend the AGA's gratitude to our judges for this year: Karen Randall and Phil Edwards from the AGA, and last year's aquascape winner, Jason Baliban. With the quality and number of aquascapes in the contest, they had an especially hard job this year.

Finally, I would also like to extend our thanks to our sponsors, Seachem and Aquarium Design Group. Their generosity is greatly appreciated by the AGA! Without the efforts of the volunteers and the sponsorship from Seachem and ADG, this contest would not be the success it has been from year to year.

Enjoy the aquascape!

Kind Regards,
Bailin Shaw
Aquascaping Contest Chair

From the Tech Guy:

It has been a pleasure to have served as the technical coordinator for the past ten years! -- Erik


Thank you to all this year's participants. It has been a privilege to view judge and learn from your tanks.
— Karen Randall

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