Biotope Aquascape


Twenty-five entries!!! As a biotope enthusiast this has made my year. Even though I couldn't score the entries since I'm a participant in this category I couldn't help myself from commenting. The biotope category's been my personal favorite and something of a soapbox crusade for me for a number of years. To finally see so many quality entries in what is normally the most neglected category is extremely exciting for me personally. Thank you all who participated!
— Phil Edwards
Speak for yourself! I have to judge this category this year. It's going to be a huge challenge given the numbers and quality of the tanks. :-)
— Bailin Shaw
I am also thrilled to see not only the number of entries in the biotope category this year but the care that many people have put into creating both attractive and accurate representations of their chosen biotope. It was fun (but as Bailin said hard work!)to judge this category this year!
— Karen Randall
First Place
Cambridgeshire Lake, England, UK
George Farmer
United Kingdom
Second Place
Demasoni Kingdom
Arkadiusz Olesiak
Third Place
Cambodia Blackwater Pool, near the Tonlé Sap
George Farmer
United Kingdom
Honorable Mention
Baiyunshan Mountain Brook, China
George Farmer
United Kingdom
Atrato: The River of Emperors
Phil Edwards
United States
Malay Peninsula stream
Pawel Piotrowski
Biotope Aquarium river Ticino
Andrea Perotti
Stream in Colombia
Łukasz Brzeziński
Apistogramma species, biotope tank.
Karamouzis John
South American Blackwater Creek
Cagatay Aydin
Rainforest pond
Shany Menard
Sid Sanctuary
Kirsten Eidsmoe
United States
Taking time to swim freely
Jeff Sevening
United States
Chris Chiras
Orinoco' s Beauty
Mustafa Erdogar
„The Tanganyika Project“
Mladen Cvetko
A Place for Altum Angel
Jeffrey Senske
United States
In a Brazil Stream
Richard E Mason
South Africa
African Queen
Phil Edwards
United States
Amber River
Konstandaras Panagiotis
Wild creek
Khanh Ta Quoc
Czech Republic
Wild Green Japura Discus
Christos Pollatos
Central America River
Lee Nuttall
United Kingdom
Lago Cuipeua Biotope
Nidal Rezek
Mbuna Warzone
Jesper Juul Taustrup

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