#138: 450L Biotope Aquascape Amber River

Konstandaras Panagiotis Alexandroupolis, Greece


Is that your reflection we see in the back? I hope you're smiling for the camera. You've created a very nice habitat for all of the species in your aquarium. The floating plants leaves wood and stained water make a natural impression. Next time you photograph your tank for a competition please physically remove the hardware rather than using a photo editor to try to obscure it.
— Phil Edwards
Lovely representation of an Amazon blackwater area. Nicely done.
— Karen Randall
Excellent representation of a Amazon biotope. The colors of the cardinals are striking and it is obvious that the Angel fish love this environment. The tanins and driftwood add a sense of accuracy to the biotope.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 150 × 50 × 60 cm
Title Amber River
Volume 450L
Background dark grey thick paper
Lighting 2 fluorescent tubes T8 total 72 watts (1 "cool white" and 1 "warm white")
Filtration combination of 1 external and 1 internal biological filter
Plants Pistia Stratiotes
Animals 1 peckoltia vittata,
A pair of ancistrus dolichopterus,
5 corydoras leucomelas,
5 corydoras trilineatus,
7 corydoras paleatus,
2 pairs microgeophagus ramirezi,
A pair pterophyllum scalare and their juveniles,
15 hemigrammus bleheri,
15 paracheirodon axelrodi and innesi
Materials woods, leaves and sand all collected from nature

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