#149: 90L Aquatic Garden La selva e l'imperatore 2

Giacomo Guarraci taino, Italy


Very attractive layout. I like your choice of using the large area of P. helferi on the left with just the echo toward the right.
— Karen Randall
Very nice growth. The placement of the rocks on the right side is very nice.

The contrast of the blyxa is a little awkward I find myself staring at the blyxa instead of naturally moving my eyes around the layout.
— Jason Baliban
Nice layout. The rockwork is nicely done and the Blyxa on the left works in the tank however seems out of place on the right.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 80 × 30 × 40 cm
Title La selva e l'imperatore 2
Volume 90L
Background black
Lighting Plafo Resun 2 x 18 w Askoll Sunglo Askoll Lifeglo2
Filtration 1 Askoll Pratiko 200
Plants Blixia Auberti, Micranthemum Micranthemoides,pogostemon helferi, Spiky Moss, Lucius Moss
Animals Nematobrycon Palmeri,hansemania nana,paraotocinclus maculicauda, Neocaridina Sp. Red Cherry, Clithon Brenspinas Tiger, Neritina Turrita
Materials remoor wood ada,pagoda stones
Additional Information Co2 Askoll Tropica Aquacare Capsules+ profito easylife

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