#200: 76L Aquatic Garden Serenity

Jason Politte Conway, United States


You've created a lovely foreground and have the right idea in creating you mid-ground hardscape. But the background planting is a bit chaotic and the plant choices are a little coarse looking in this size tank. That said if this is your first planted tank you are doing exactly the right thing working with plants that grow well for you!
— Karen Randall
Very nice for a first effort. Also the hardscape is composed well for a first go.
— Jason Baliban
Good start to the aquascape. Move the Ludwigia to the left corner and shape it by pruning it multiple times. Good luck with the continued success of the tank!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 76 × 31 × 32 cm
Title Serenity
Volume 76L
Background Blue aquarium backing
Lighting 30" Coralife T-5 Aqalight Double Strip Light; 36 watts 6700k and Colormax Full Spectrum
Filtration Two hang-on-back filters
Plants 1. Eleocharis acicularis; 2. Microsorum pteropus 'Windeløv'; 3. Alternanthera reineckii; 4. Ludwigia repens

Animals One female Microgeophagus ramirezi; eleven Paracheirodon innesi; two Otocinclus
Materials Rocks scavenged from cleared field and Malaysian driftwood
Additional Information This is the first planted tank my wife and I have tried, and it's been a joy to watch everything grow, especially the Hairgrass. Flourite substrate, DIY CO2, and the Seachem dosing regime - 2 mils of iron everyday, 3.5 mils Potassium twice a week, 1.5 mils Nitrogen twice a week, 2.2 mils Flourish twice a week, 50% water change once a week

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