#29: 63L Biotope Aquascape Cambodia Blackwater Pool, near the Tonlé Sap

George Farmer Stamford, United Kingdom

Awards and Comments

Third Place
What a lovely biotope! I think you've captured the essence of a small blackwater pool habitat very well. I'd like to see some Cryptocoryne poking out through the leaves or some floating leaves on the surface to give a little something extra to the aquarium but it's not strictly necessary. Well done!
— Phil Edwards
Attractive and accurate representation of a S.E. Asian black water pool.
— Karen Randall
A pretty accurate representation of the habitat from which Trigonostigma and Trichopsis come from although I don't think oaks are commonly found there. :-)
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 36 cm
Title Cambodia Blackwater Pool, near the Tonlé Sap
Volume 63L
Background N/A
Lighting 1 x 24w HO T5, 6500K
Filtration Large external canister with Indian Almond Leaf 'tea bags', ceramic and sponge media, flow restricted to replicate habitat conditions.
Plants N/A
Animals Trigonostigma espei (15),
Trichopsis pumilus (6)
Materials ADA Aqua Soil,
fossilized wood,
oak leaves
Additional Information I used 80:20 RO and tap to provide soft and acidic water, enhanced by Aqua Soil, Oak leaves and Indian Almond leaf sachets installed in the filter. Although oak trees may not (I did research but could not find out for certain) exist in this region I considered some artistic licensing was appropriate. pH 6, KH 2, GH 3, temp 25C/77F.

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