#36: 170L Aquatic Garden Angel's Garden

Genaro Hiram Mendoza Zavala Apatzingan, Mexico


Vibrant and healthy looking but the arrangement of plants is too blocky. Try to create more variation in the size and placement of your plant groups so that you don't end up with rows od species side by side.
— Karen Randall
Healthy and colorful tank. Shape the plants a bit more to triangulate the design of the tank. The angelfish also seem too large for this tank. Good start!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 88 × 43 × 45 cm
Title Angel's Garden
Volume 170L
Background black cardboard
Lighting From back to the from:
2x 40w pl-l 4100°k
1x 36w pl-l grolux
1x 36w pl-l 6500°k
1x 36w pl-l 10,000°k
Filtration Canister Resun EF-600 filter
Plants 1-Echinodorus amazonicus, 2-Ludwigia palustris, 3-Anubia nana, 4-Hemianthus micranthemoides, 5-Hydrocotyle verticillata, 6-Heteranthera zosterifolia, 7-Cryptocorine wendtii brown, 8-Elatine tiandra, 9-Eleocharis acicularis, 10-Althernanthera reinickii pink, 11-Microsorum pteropus, 12-blyxa japonica, 13-Limnophilla aromatica, 14-Rotala rotundifolia, 15-Rotala macandra variagated, 16-Bacopa monierii, 17-Echinodorus latifolius, 18-Nymphoides aquatica
Animals 4x Pterophyllum scalare
5x Hemigrammus rhodostomus
5x Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae
1x Crossocheilus siamensis
5x Otocinclus affinis
Materials DIY Substrate with 5mm gravel, clay, humus and peat moss with a layer of 1-2mm silica sand.
Additional Information Fertilization:
NPK: 1.5gr K2SO4, 1gr KNO3 and 6 drops Fleet enema Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Flourish: 1.5ml Tuestday and Thursday
Flourish Iron: 1ml Every Sunday with a water change directly from the tap.
Glutaradehyde: 10ml Monday to Saturday and 20ml Sunday

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