#142: 45L Aquatic Garden Las Ruinas

Guillermo Andres Barrientos Naranjo Santiago, Chile


A pretty lush display. It could be improved by the use of longer diagonals. As it stands now there is too much horizontal banding. Nice choice of fish.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 50 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Las Ruinas
Volume 45L
Background light blue carpet
Lighting 1 PLL 36watt 840
Filtration Bag Filter
Plants 1-2: Rotala wallichii and native type of Eleocharis vivipara / 3: Eleocharis parvula / 4: Hemiantus callitrichoides / 5: Ranunculus flagelliformis / 6: Lilaeopsis brasilensis / 7:Litorella australis (native) / 8-9 (native mosses):8 Fissidens sp and 9 Unknown moss
Animals 7 Corydoras panda and 7 Albonubes
Materials rocks and woods
Additional Information Substrate based in a mix of clay, little part of humus and volcanic gravel.
Water changes 40-50% every week.

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