#157: 45L Aquatic Garden Montri Bleu.

P. Walia Osterley, United Kingdom


This is a good first try but the placement of the rocks is static and the plants are not in good condition.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 50 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Montri Bleu.
Volume 45L
Background Sky blue accent canvas.
Black bordered glass aquarium; thus creating a boundary for embracing the compositions completeness.
Lighting 4x 55w T5 Fluorescent illūminatus.
[2x Pink 8000k + 2x Blue 12000k].
Filtration Fluval G3 + bespoke CO2 and additive system.
Plants Vesicularia dubyana.
Elodea densa.
Bacopa Monneri.
Vallisneria spiralis.
Nymphaea zenkeri red.
Riccia fluitans.
Animals 12x Rasbora heteromorpha.
4x Caridina multidentata.
Materials 3x Metamorphic naturally textured Rocks.

Substrate mediums:-
Base layer: Red laterite.
Mid layer: Silica sand fine grained.
Top layer: Natural 3-5mm composition gravel.
Additional Information As a traditional professional artistè, the challenges of working through the medium of organic matter are immense; and yet immensely rewarding. The level of environmental control and resulting impact require significant long term discipline, providing a form of living art which emphasizes a myriad of unique compositional impressions across even a single moment.

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