#268: 400L Biotope Aquascape Amazon Rainforest

Jurica Sostar Zagreb, Croatia


Like the angelfish tank if you are entering a biotope class you just can't use man-made varieties of fish like your orange Discus. They may be pretty but they would never be seen in the wild! And while this is a relatively large tank it is still way overstocked when all these baby discus grow up!
— Karen Randall
Another great submerged branchscape! The vertical feel suits discus well and I like the touch of floating plants it gives the feeling of flotsam drifting downstream. I can imagine that this is what things look like underwater during the rainy season.
— Phil Edwards
Very representative of an Amazon tributary with very few plants and lots of sticks and leaves. You did a nice job arranging the wood. The only unbelievable aspect is that the substrate would be so pristine without any leaf litter.
— Kris Weinhold

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 140 × 55 × 55 cm
Title Amazon Rainforest
Volume 400L
Background Black foil.
Lighting 16x3W 6000K LED star + 1x10W high power LED, DIY.
Filtration Glass sump filter 120 Liters with Overflow box and 2000 l/h pump.

Filled with lava milled rocks and blue sponge.
Plants Sagittaria subulata, Limnobium laevigatum
Animals 16 x Discus,
30 x Hemigrammus rhodostomus,
3 x Mikrogeophagus altispinosa,
3 x Ancistrus,
10 x Corydoras Sterbai
Materials Oak wood branches collected from nature, Oak and Beech dry leaves also from nature.

Small round rocks collected from nature. Pool filter sand from local store.

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