#378: 321L Biotope Aquascape Malawi Kingdom!

Vladimir Nachevski Tetovo, North Macedonia


Nice Malawi tank. I think you could work on the rock composition a little bit to establish a focal point.
— Kris Weinhold
This is an attractive display but more a Malawi theme tank than a true biotope.
— Karen Randall
Excellent Malawi aquarium! I like the patina of algae which you've let grow on the rocks. It adds to the natural feel and is good grazing for your fish.
— Phil Edwards

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 130 × 45 × 55 cm
Title Malawi Kingdom!
Volume 321L
Background Мatt black adhesive foil
Lighting 2x Sylvania AquaStar 120cm, 36W, 10.000K
Filtration Canister FIlter 2600L\h, + 5W UV lamp
Plants None
Animals Pseudotropheus Cyaneorhabdos (Maingano) x8
Pseudotropheus Mpanga x7
Melanochromis Auratus x7
Cynotilapia Pulpican (Kingsizei) x6
Pseudotropheus Coral Red x5
Labidochromis Hongi x4
Labidochromis Carleus x4
Cytrocara Moori x3
Materials About 80Kg Montain rocks, white sand (0.5-1mm granulation)
Additional Information Heater 300W

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