#370: 140L Biotope Aquascape Patrolling a piece of the Rio Almoloya, Mexico

Alden Moran Turiano Lakewood, United States


I like that you took the time to create a biotope in your "time out tank". Were I in your place I'd have a hard time putting that bully back into the larger system. I like this setup very much. The rock placement reflects imbrication and streambed geomorphology well.
— Phil Edwards

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 12 × 22 cm
Title Patrolling a piece of the Rio Almoloya, Mexico
Volume 140L
Background Dark blue cloth
Lighting 18" Aqua Glo Flourescent Light bulb 15W T8
Filtration Tetra Whisper 40
Animals 1 three and a half inch Paraneetroplus Regani
Materials River Rocks, river stones, river gravel, silica sand, water-logged manzanita.
Additional Information This gorgeous young cichlid is now in solitary confinement because it has bullied and or killed similar-sized tank mates. It would be nice to reintroduce it back into a 125 gallon community tank some day. Until then, enjoy it's biotope.

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