#255: 143L Biotope Aquascape Biotop Home-Made 140 litri

Tod Olimpiu Brad, Romania


Man-made fish varieties like marble angels have no place in a biotope tank.
— Karen Randall
This is an excellent example of a submerged root system habitat. The point lighting suits the design well. The choice of non-wild type Angels reduces the scoring for the purposes of a biotope competition. In the future please remove what hardware you can before taking photos for a competition. It's a significant technical detail in scoring. All that aside you have created a fantastic home for beautiful fish that I don't doubt you love. I hope your fish reward your effort and care with many successful spawnings.
— Phil Edwards

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 104 × 30 × 46 cm
Title Biotop Home-Made 140 litri
Volume 143L
Lighting 2 x 20w bulbs - 10 hours a day
Filtration Hailea H-12 external - flow 1200 l / h
Internal Aquael UNI + UV 1000 - flow 1000 l / h
Animals 10 Pterophyllum Scalare Marble
13 Paracheirodon Innesi
8 Corydoras Panda
3 Ancistrus Dolichopterus
Materials 13 - 15 pieces of local wood
11 - 17 river stones
3 liters of JBL Manado mixed with 3 liters of river sand

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