We are thrilled to announce the results of the 2013 AGA International Aquascaping Contest. There were 506 entries, a record number this year. There continues to be some truly inspirational and original ideas, and some interesting trends in aquascaping. Some categories were very difficult to judge because of the high number of quality entries.

The contest has grown so large that we thought it would be of value to show you which entries placed in the top ten in each category. While only First, Second, and Third are given awards, the top contenders boast a "10" ribbon on our web site ("top ten" are ordered by volume, not by actual ranking).

The Aquatic Gardeners Association Contest Committee would like to thank our judges, Karen Randall (USA), Mike Senske (USA), Dave Chow (China), and Luca Galarraga (Brazil). Also we would like to thank the members of our Biotope Committee, Karen Randall, Phil Edwards, and Scott Dowd, Senior Freshwater Aquarist of the New England Aquarium.

Phil Edwards volunteered to help us with the sponsorships. We absolutely could not do this contest without our sponsors -- this year we have Seachem Laboratories, Brightwell Aquatics, The Hydra Forum, and Amazonas Magazine. Their generosity makes this contest a success each year!

We would also like to acknowledge Evan Wright, who designed this year's graphics. Thanks, Evan! And as always, we thank Erik Olson for his tremendous efforts behind the scenes, making the web site work and keeping us all in line.

Enjoy the aquascapes!

Kind Regards,
Bailin Shaw, Aquascaping Contest Chair


next year !
— Mike Senske

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