#128: 243L Aquatic Garden Koyo, The autumn's prelude

Renato Kuroki São Paulo, Brazil


The wood placement and the plant combination is good. If the shade part can lighten up the outcome will much better.
— Dave Chow
Bold and pretty! Nice trimming technique.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Koyo, The autumn's prelude
Volume 243L
Background Black screem
Lighting 4XT5 JBL Natur 54W and 2X JBL Color 54W
Filtration 2XEheim Ecco 2236 and 1XEheim 2217
Plants Ludwigia glandulosa, Ludwigia ovalis, Ludwigia brevipes, Ludwigia arcuata, Rotala green, Rotala rotundifolia, Rotala indica, Rotala nanjenshan, Rotala francisco, Limnophila vietnam, Vesicularia sp, Taxiphyllum barbieri, Glossostigma elatinoides, Hemianthus calitricoides, Hydrocotyle maritima, Starogyne, Anubia barteri
Animals JBL Substrate, Driftwoods and Yamaya Stones
Materials Sawbwa resplendens

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