#216: 88L Aquatic Garden SEE YOU THERE

NIKORN SAE TANG Chandrakasem Chatujak , Thailand

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm
Volume 88L
Background new set up since July 2013.
Lighting 1 PL 55 w
7-10 hours/day
Filtration aqua pro 800
Plants Hair grass mini
pearl weed mini
baby tear
hydrocotel sp jp
pogostemon helferi
Animals 8 tetra amber
8 neon yellow
1 butterfly sucker
1 long fin white sucker
3 octocin
2 Xiphophorus Helleri
1 red lizard
8 Cherry shrimps
4 orange shrimps
4 blue shrimps
1 White apple Snell
1 Blood horn Snell
1 Sulawesi Snell
3 Brachygobius aggregatus
4 blue Adler
Materials GEX 9L+ ADA powder 3L
ocean free microbac
rosetta capsule bottom fertilzer

stone and driftwood
Additional Information ferka liquid kbalance.
CO2 DIY yeast
Rosetta by ferka

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