#228: 22L Aquatic Garden The Forest floor

Antoni Dimitrov Southsea, United Kingdom

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 35 × 25 × 26 cm
Title The Forest floor
Volume 22L
Background Frosted effect film
Lighting 13W Energy saving bulb, 5400 K
Filtration Boyu build in filter in the tank lid
Plants 1-2 Grow HC, 1-2 Grow Amannia sp. Bonsai, 1-2 Grow, 1-2 Grow Eleocharis sp. mini and 1-2 Grow Alternanthera reineckii Mini
Animals Red Cherry Shrimps, Amano Shrimps x 2, Galaxy rasboras x4
Materials Shirakura Red Bee Sand, Tropica Plant substrate, Driftwood

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