#233: 250L Biotope Aquascape The Nefertari's Dream's

Alexandre Augusto Taguatinga Norte, Brazil


An attractive and fairly accurate representation of the habitat of these animals in the wild.
— Karen Randall
Species are good but the rock looks too "pretty" and arranged according to ornamental rock/iwagumi style to be a good biotope. I don't think it should be disqualified but it would be better entered into a non-biotope aquascaping contest.
— Phil Edwards

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 50 × 50 cm
Title The Nefertari's Dream's
Volume 250L
Background Dark blue background
Lighting Boyu luminaire 2x54W PL
Filtration Canister Eheim 2217
Plants No Plants
Animals 1-Neolamprologus leleupi
1-Neolamprologus brichardi
1-Lamprologus multifasciatus
1-Leptosoma Kitumba
1-Ophthalmotilapia ventralis
Materials Unaí's Brown Rocks
Additional Information Partial exchange of 30% weekly
Addiction Cichlid Lake Salt of Seachem
Addition of Seachem's Tanganyika Buffer

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