#318: 36L Aquatic Garden 秘境

盘育成 佛山市, China


Really nice work with the mosses. I wish the rock work were just a bit stronger.
— Karen Randall
Good rock arrangement but if you use some tiny plants instead of the one used in the layout I can imagine that will push the layout to another level.
— Dave Chow

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm
Title 秘境
Volume 36L
Background picture of sky
Lighting 36w夹灯
Filtration 创星cf600+意大利wave前置
Plants 珊瑚莫斯,火焰莫斯,小美凤莫斯,怪蕨莫斯,迷你黑木蕨
Animals 三角灯,大和藻虾,各种虾
Materials 青龙石,火山石
Additional Information 从一些中国山水图片里面获取灵感,再通过自己的一些整合,配上合适的背景图,尝试在小缸里面营造出一种大气的中国山水画感觉。

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