#471: 7L Aquatic Garden "The Mini Couple"

Watana Supukpongvilai Chiangmai, Thailand


Charming and innovative. Quite complex for such a small display. That said I'm not sure the bits of greenery stuck on the "trees" add much.
— Karen Randall
This one is creative on the setting treatment but the scape inside is standard and quite balanced. If the scape inside can improve anyway then this creativity will be very successful.
— Dave Chow

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 34 × 14 × 15 cm
Title "The Mini Couple"
Volume 7L
Lighting Fluorescent 18W for 1 tank
Filtration External Filter
Plants - Bucephalandra sp.
- Mini pearl moss
- Eleocharis parvulus
- Anubias nana sp. "mini"
- Riccardia graeffei
- Fissidens Fontanus
- Plagiomnium Trichomanes
-Bobitis sp.
Animals - Danionella dracula
- Horned Snail
- Sushi Shrimp
Materials - ADA Amazonia powder
- Chiangmai Local rock
Additional Information This Aquascape use two of 3.45 Liters tanks.

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